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So it is D-day! From today on-wards we shall embrace the use of non-plastic bags thanks to our government that had given us an amount of days to look for alternative options.

This has been one of the leading topic ever since the government said that the ban will help protect the environment. There were also conversations around manufacturers of the bags  who  argued that 80,000 jobs could be lost. Even a court last week rejected a challenge to the ban. Kenyans are estimated to use 24 million bags a month. Waking up this morning, and some Kenyans have abided to the ban. Others, however do not know how to go about it. Here are some of the ways to survive the ban:

  1. Cotton re-usable bags

Cotton bags are cool, or ECOBAGS as I would like to call them. They can be canvas tote and are the perfect companion for a variety of activities like grocery shopping, daily errands, craft projects, travel, etc. What is even better is that some of them can be stylish.

2. Promotional goodie bags

It is time to take advantage of brands tat are promoting their products an services. Most of them usually have a goodie bag  usually awarded to customers who partake in certain activities with them during their promotion period.

3. A pair of jeans

Kenyans will make memes and share funny videos bout anything that is being talked about. Here is a creative, yet ridiculous way of carrying your goods around.

4. Re-usable produce bags

These are incredible for hitting the market with. You can use them to carry your veggies and fruits. What’s even more incredible is that you ca use some of your clothes to make your own at the comfort of your home. Here is a tutorial on how to do it yourself.

Save the planet, It is the only one with chocolate.

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