Check for these signs to know if he is great in the sack


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Are you the go-getter type or are you the good girl who sits back and waits for Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet?  Personally, I go for what my heart  (sorry, I meant pudesh) wants.

I have never gone to bed with a pathetic guy. I don’t even know how horrible sex feels like. But before I pin a guy down, I make the right moves. This is a checklist for y’all who want a guy who will rock your boat:

1. He has great vibes.

Do you support more action and less talk? Please don’t apply this rule in bedminton.

Girl, don’t you need a guy who tells you how hard he’s going to smash your cookie?

The last guy used to bang …well, let’s not talk too much about that guy. But the last memories I have of him was the day I cum after his dirty talk.

My opinion is, if he has a way with words, he’ll have a way with your cookie.

2. His seduction game is on point.

I had a guy who took me to bed and told me to open my legs. That was the end of it. And by ‘it’  I mean the whole damn relationship.

He made me feel like more of a whore than a normal person. Every girl wants to be treated like a saint even though she has fucked a trillion guys.

Does he tell you how angelic your eyes look and how innocent your face is? Watch his naughty smile and tell me if it won’t open your legs voluntarily. Kick me if his sexy gaze won’t make you undress.

3. He loves eating pussy.

Girls, a guy who doesn’t eat your pussy is not worth your time. Yes, read that again. Ask him if he knows the popular 69 and if he can stand vaginal flavours.

If he gives excuses such as ‘I don’t love eating pussy’ and stuff …he ain’t your type. Every bedroom bully knows that the way to a girl’s vagina is through sucking clit.


4. He attracts many chics.

Hate the player, don’t hate the game! 

Guys who are dangerously good in bed, bed their exes over and over again. Who moves on from a guy whose sex is toe-curling anyway?

If his game in bed is on point, most of the time, you’ll be picking fights about the last chic who called him. They will be fights about the chic who gives him late night calls.

Some guys are too sweet to let go. If he’s broke yet he attracts a horde of women, be rest assured his game in the bedroom (especially) is a win!

5. His sexy grooming.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I get turned on by guys who sag their trousers and by those who expose their biceps.

A man’s manner of dressing will tell you just how he plays bedminton. Is he neat to a fault? To a point you hardly recognize the creases on his garments? He probably knows only one fucking style and probably has no thirst for adventure.

Am all for the slightly reckless guy;  mark the word: slightly. The one whose trousers are slightly below his waist, the one who exposes some skin which leaves a lot to your imagination.

6. He is a great kisser.

If his lips and tongue leave you weak and breathless, just how powerful do you think his member is? Does he shove his tongue to the farthest part of your mouth? Then his member will go for the deepest point in your shipoto.

If his kisses are sloppy and disgusting, just cross your legs girl. Close them for good otherwise, you will be in for some horrible sex.

Also, watch how he holds your body as he kisses you. Does he grope your ass? Does he cup your boobs? If so, you just earned yourself a bedroom bully.


7. He works out.

Men who are physically fit attract hordes of women because of their great looks. And it’s probably not a wonder that you dream about and obsess over your gym instructor.

Men who work out are physically fit hence flexible. And who doesn’t want to bed a flexible man? A flexible man will strike your shipoto using all angles.

Men who work out also have lots of energy, probably due to lifting weights. Just imagine what will happen when he exerts all that energy on you and on your cookie? 

Great sex takes a great deal of time. Who wants a two-minute ‘nerd’ smashing her? No chic. Not even you!  

Girl, grab yourself a man who works out. He’ll take a great deal of time idolising your pussy.

So go ahead and do him.

Instincts don’t always lie, so, it pays to listen to your intuition. It may have been telling you how great he is when it cums down to it. Maybe you already ride him in your fantasies.

If that is so, its time you spread your wings for him and see if he matches your imagination. Just remember you risk experiencing the worst sex ever. But take the risk girl. Add him to your to-do list and see if he’s anything close to what you have imagined.

Of course, don’t forget to use protection and don’t forget to tell me all about it!

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