How To Tell Your Crush You Like Them


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Being young comes with emotions and especially that of the opposite sex.Facing your crush is not easy. Telling them how you feel about them, is worse! It brings butterflies to your stomach. As uncomfortable as social interaction can be, it’s an inevitable part of life. To put it bluntly, you need to know how to tell your crush you like them to mate and repopulate the earth. It’s the circle of life or something. So how do you chora hinting to them or breaking the news?

Get to know them

Yes!Do not just jump into them and scream that you want them to have your babies. Sounds ridiculous, I know. But be their friend. Develop a relationship and a foundation for growth. After all, how are you supposed to know you have a crush on them if you don’t even know them?

Hangout in group settings first

Don’t jump right into one-on-one hangouts/dates. That feels like a lot of pressure for people to handle. Lose the pressure, hangout in groups and see how things go from there. You can really get to know somebody by seeing how they interact with other people too, not just you.

Move slowly – but not too slowly

I’m not saying take a year to tell them that you are interested. The person could be taken by someone else by that time. Move slow, but don’t hide the fact that you are interested in them either… Be their friend, but drop subtle hints that you might be interested in them. Reminder: I did say subtle.

Dropping hints is important

It’s important but also dangerous. You don’t want to come on too strong and freak them the heck out. Be their friend, but say something casual like “you look super nice today.”

Test the waters

When you drop pick-up lines or compliments, do they bite? Their reaction is super important because it determines whether or not you should proceed further. If interested, they might start to reciprocate those compliments or terrible pick-up lines.

Hangout just the two of you

The sacred one-on-one time… This is a crucial point in telling your crush you like them. Don’t get weird with it, seriously. Just act cool and casual and say “I just got this new hot series *I don’t know what you watch , okay?*, you should come hangout and have a listen”. Whatever common link you share, use it here. After you’ve successfully hung out at least once, it’s time. If he agrees to hang out with you a second time, then he either thinks you’re a super cool friend or more.

Telling them you like them

Once again, I have to stress this: Just be cool. Near the end of this one-on-one time, when you are sitting in comfort with one another, you need to just say it. Grab the nerve to tell them how you feel about it.

Accept the facts

Honestly, five times out of ten, your crush isn’t going to like you back. That’s just an awful, depressing fact, but it is nevertheless, a fact. Whether it is the timing, or the place they are currently in with their life, they may not like you back, and that’s okay.

Go find another crush

Listen, we live in a world full of Nick Mutumas and Brenda Wairimus. I assure you, there is no shortage of attractive and kind dudes and chics. You will find somebody new and repeat this cycle over and over and over again until you give up, because relationships are just exhausting. Am I right?










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