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It is a tough time for the world and even so for employees nationwide who are urged to work from home. At first, of course, the option is thrilling. When you imagine that you won’t have to wake up at four to catch a matatu to the office where you stay the whole day until five and the cycle repeats itself again and again. So yeah the option of working from home can feel quite freeing.

But comes one week later, when you realize the Covid-19 pandemic might last more than just a few weeks as you were hoping and by this time, your vacation that is working from home is starting to feel more like a prison.

Here are three ways that can free your mind from that notion and make you feel like you are not going nuts:

Keep Constant Communication:

Self-isolation does not mean you completely isolate yourself from the outside world and cut off communication. When you are bored, like in any other work environment, you can reach out to your colleagues and get to know how they are doing. Take a little break, video call someone.

“I think the biggest thing that is underestimated is the psychological impact of being alone,” said David Hassell co-founder and CEO of 15Five, a performance management software provider, where 40% of the workers are remote.

So do not feel the need to completely isolate yourself. Also, keep constant communication with your boss or manager to ensure you are doing the same load of work you will be doing if you were in your normal workspace.

Boundaries, Boundaries

This is after all your home and it is hard to suddenly imagine it as your workspace. But is important to achieve this. Set some boundaries for yourself, and these boundaries will probably be more effective if they were physical than psychological.

For example, if you have no home office, set up a temporary one. Have a desk, place your laptop and papers or whatever you use to do your work, and treat it as your office or cubicle. With time, it will have a mental resemblance to your workplace and you will find that whenever you sit there, you will be ready to work.

Another boundary you have to make sure you do not cross is the constant breaks. Yes, there is no one to supervise you but do not forget that this is your work and your livelihood, so avoid going to the fridge every second to get a snack. Sit back down and focus.


Set a schedule and stick to it.

It is easy to get carried away when you are working from home, one minute you are busy on your laptop, the next you are thinking of the utensils in the sink and have gone to wash them. This should not be the case. Think, if you were in the office, would you be washing those utensils? No? Then sit back down and work.

And a schedule should not be that tight. If for example, you know you do your most effective work at night, you can focus on doing other non-work related things during the day and when night comes, you tackle your tasks accordingly.

Remember, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you will probably get to fix your own working hours. Do not waste it.


These are only three tips that you can follow while you are working from home. If you have any other tips you think should have been mentioned, please do not fail to comment and help encourage other employees to be productive. 


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