Hujaanza kaside-hustle bado? Here is Kelvin’s story


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“Chics like guys who have their shit together and that’s the kind of guy I am. Or at least the dude I think I am,” says Kelvin, a student at Maasai Mara University. He runs a small shoe business with his friend on campus. Young people can make money through small businesses that they can start while still studying. Panga life yako with a side-hustle and you might be on your way to making millions.
“We started the biz with my friend since most of the times when we went back to school, guys used to ask us where we get our dope ndulaz from and they got interested in those particular shoes. So we saw a business opportunity and decided to pick it up,” says Kelvin. A keen eye is important if you want to start a business. Spot a niche that you can milk thoroughly (forgive the pun) like what Kelvin and his friend did. Talk to friends about their needs, follow trends in campus and once you find what ticks, tickle the life out of it.
Kelvin and his friend started with a Ksh.5000 cash capital. “We got this money from savings and borrowing from friends and family. But the point is, we had to pay back that money. Meaning we had to work extra hard to ensure we made profits. We bought as many shoes as possible and the first round of business was very successful.” Where will you get cash to finance your bizna? Save up! Less hassles since no one is going to ask you to pay back debts. Have you had friends who refuse to lend you as little as Ksh.200 bob? For some it’s not easy money to come through but that would mean you only ask from people who you feel can be of help in that situation.

“We can stay with a pairs of shoes for up to two months with zero sales. These are times things get really hard. Lazima we make a plan quickly so that we don’t burn out our personal finances,” Kelvin says this showing that having a side-hustle is not all smooth-sailing. Nothing is easy in life, heck, even having sex requires you to thrust in with all of your energy. Kuchora life means that you will have to work on overcoming challenges one step at a time. Kelvin and his friend had to panga their financial side by diversifying their biz.” We therefore decided to bring in bags as part of our side-biz. They were very well received and this enabled us to survive harsh times.”
Kukachora means that you know what you want out of life. It also means that you are taking opportunities available and making the most out of them. Kelvin knew that he wanted another form of cash flow apart from what he got from his parents. He also knew that you need money to make money when it comes to business. He therefore had to save up in order to get some capital and then topping that up from what his friends and family gave him.
You don’t have to wait forever. Plan yako ya life ni gani? Side-hustles can get you far and can save you a lot of financial inconveniences. One way of making them work is by partnering with a friend. Kelvin’s parting word to young ones like him is,” fortune favors the bold. Whatever business idea you’ve got go for it. It’s hard at first. It gets easier with time once you know the ropes.”
Chora side-hustle with these tips:
• Think of a biz opportunity
• Consult to know where to get products, any registration needed, most wanted items by the market you intend to serve
• Look for capital by either saving or borrowing
• Partner with a friend or two who can contribute part of the capital or you can work on your own if possible
• Sell yourself hard and don’t give up

Chora life yako because you hold your future in your hands. And the good thing is you can make it.


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