Hustle hard! Avoid going broke as a Kenyan campo student


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As Kenyan campo students, we find ourselves struggling with money issues and being broke is a challenge we face. It’s always never enough. It’s time to hustle hard to get your own mullah. Don’t be shy about going hard for that penny while in campo. I have struggled with the same. Heck, I still don’t feel rich enough.  Here are tips that can help us avoid being broke. Yeah, pesa muhimu.

1. Get a job

It might be an online job or a side-job. Job payments are regular and this means that you’ll always be expecting some cash. Goodbye brokeness. As a Kenyan campo student, an online writing gig can be beneficial. Also, if you are free on weekends, a gig at a club, restaurant, sales can help. Hustle for that jobo because you’ll not only make mullah but it’ll look good on your CV. Try to keep that job for 4yrs btw.

2. Hang out with broke people

Don’t be fooled. Those ‘motivational’ messages encouraging you to eat at expensive places so that you can “get accustomed to the good life” are not meant for us. You’re in campo for crying out in a bucket. You don’t have enough money. See how broke people survive and learn. Cool kids will just show you fancy stuff that you can’t afford. This helps you lead a lean lifestyle in campo. Time for you to live like a real hustler. Stop spending the little you have.

3. Invest

Put some money aside that you will never touch until you have graduated. Damn straight. Kenyan campo students, like you and i, often forget that there’s life outside lecture halls and hostels. With that ‘untouched’ money, it means technically you won’t be broke. Campo should be a place for you to build a ‘nest’ for when you’re done with schooling.

4. Save

The first rule of not being broke is saving. Avoid spending unnecessarily while on campo. As a Kenyan campo student, determine how much money your smartphone consumes in a day. Cut down that cost. How much do you spend for lunch? Cut down on fancy food joints. And on those movies and series, borrow from friends or use WiFi.

5. Take advantage of free things

Discounts, free airtime, free events, goodies. In campo, there are so many companies that are targeting you for their products and that means they will have offers to entice you. How to not be broke? Make use of those discounts on products at the supermarket. This is how to live on a budget. Yes, on that issue, do you have a budget?

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