Hustle through art


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Art is a means through which people express themselves. Through art, young people get a chance to do so and earn money while at it. There are so many forms of art and creative youngsters can cash in on them. Here are some forms of art that pay.


Some of us used to draw when we were in primary school. What happened to making talent work for us? If you are good at drawing or painting, try to find the inspiration and motivation and go back to your art. Edgar Keng’ara, a student at Moi University, who is a graphite artist, says that art does pay. “If people run and get paid millions, then drawing is something young people can pursue and make money from,” he says. And by graphite artist, we mean that he uses the simple graphite pencil to draw. If you feel you’re creative enough, try art out. Drawings sell from Ksh.300 and above. Paintings go for Ksh.1500 and more.

Spoken word

You just need to know how to play with words and confidence. Everything else will fall into place. If you are good at rhyming words while highlighting issues facing the society, gigs will start coming by. A performance at a spoken word event can earn you Ksh.5000 or more. If you are in school, you just need to be active on weekends and you will earn money to keep you afloat.


This is not only one way of earning that money but also a means of working out. If you want to keep fit, earn while at it and still have fun, consider dancing. This includes all forms of dancing, such as salsa. Weekends will be fun-filled for you as you go to various places to dance. The pay here starts from Ksh.3000 depending on how good you are. If you are part of a group, even better. The more the merrier.

Graffiti artist

It’s all about painting on walls and matatus using sprays. Sometimes graffiti artists are commissioned to work on important places such upcoming restaurants.

What other forms of art do you think youngsters can make money from? Fire up the conversation.





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