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College is not all about getting to class early and finishing your assignments just on time. It is also a time to enjoy your youth. Campus can getting  a bit annoying when you follow a certain boring routine. Get out of your routine and make your 4 years worth it. Here are some things you need to do while still in campus:

1. Go for Karaoke

If you and your squad cannot sing, the merrier it will be.The thrill is to laugh the night out and sing along to the most random of songs.

2. Approach someone your’e interested in

You will never know if the feeling is mutual until you try it. It does not have to necessarily be a person of the opposite sex. You might be talking to your new bestie. If it does not work, at least you put yourself out there.

3. Go for free college events

Before you know it, you won’t be a student anymore and your bills will not allow your adult self to afford money for some concerts. Take advantage of anything that has a cut for students. Even meal offers in some restaurants around your campus.

4. Vie for a school leadership position, you never know!

Do not just go for the top-notch seats in the student’s body. You can apply for positions like the treasurer, vice chair or organizing secretary for a club that you are in. Do not just be a member.

5. Start an initiative

A good general idea would be to giveback to society. You do not have to be wealthy for this. Target children or people with a certain challenge in society and start off by helping them out with the help of a few friends in campus. If there aren’t enough books for a school near your campus, donate them and help educate a child.

6. Go to a themed party or a Halloween one

Get the fun out of the four walls of the lecture hall and take it to the party place. Themed parties are fun. Next time you hear about such, go! Shopping and dressing for costumes and what not will be fun with the squad. It may get to a time where you might feel too old to do such.

7. Organise for a trip with your friends and invite other people

They say the merrier, the better! Look for a nice place off campus that you and your friends can get away to. Talk to the management to give you an offer for an amount of people that you come with. Share the trip information and you may have begun your journey to becoming the owner of a travel agency. Tembea Kenya.

8. Go for a week without the internet

In campus, we are constantly on our smart phones, laptops and tablets. Challenge yourself  and your squad to spend at least one day free of all technological devices. You may realize or discover new things about life without technology.

9. Capture memories

Start documenting your memories on your smart phones whenever there is an event or a random day out with your friends. Who knows, you might end up being the best vlogger ever if people find you interesting.




Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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