Importance of networking while in campus


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Campus gives us the opportunity to meet with so many people. Some become our boyfriends,  girlfriends and exes. Others become very good friends with benefits. I know, you probably think I’m talking about sex. If that was your first thought, my friend uko dry spell mbaya! Anywhos, I’m referring to those friends who offer benefits such as career opportunities and investment niches. In campus, it helps if you made friends with people who have the potential and are ambitious. Here are reasons why.

It builds relationships

All you have to do to build a network is to start by talking to that classmate of yours. The one who is always in class first or the one who is always posting about jobs in your class Whatsapp group. Say hi, share a light conversation and build on it. You can also network with your lecturer. Just ask him a question about what he recently taught you. Follow up and always say hi when you meet him in the hallway corridors or verandah. This is how you will build a long-term and meaningful relationship.

It can further your career

Let’s say you get a job at a large organization (can I hear an amen to that). One of the requirements is having someone who will vouch for you and speak about your character. That friend lecturer of yours will be a good referee. It can also be a friend you made while on campus and she happens to work at another respectable firm. That is how networks will work in your favour. Even when you get a promotion, you will need people to speak on your character and the networks you’ve built will come in handy. Am I still getting a hallelujah on getting a good job and getting promoted?

It’s good for you

Networking will help build a muscle in meeting and talking to people. Through networking, that’s how you learn how the industry works and what different people think when it comes to various issues. If you start now while in campo, you will learn how to relate well with others. This is a skill you can even include as part of your CV, i.e “strong people skills.” The good thing is that when you’re on campus, there’s no pressure and you can do it at your own pace. In the corporate world, you are expected to bring in new clients and interact with people from all walks of life. Starting early will not only give you a competitive advantage but it will also make you good at it.

You gather valuable opinions and tips

Networking helps you learn new things. In campus, lecturers will tell you what the industry demands and that is something you will work on. If you network with students who have been on an internship or industrial attachment, they will share tips with you on what to expect once you start yours.



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