Supplements over Steroids


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The moment people hear the word “supplements” from someone who works out in the gym, what they think of immediately is steroids. Did you know there’s actually a clear difference between steroids and supplements? Well, the difference is, steroids which are mostly known as anabolic steroids are man-made and resemble the human male hormone called testosterone. They are mostly growth hormones. This means that if taken, they cause various parts of the body to increase in size in a not-so-natural way.

Steroids are actually mixed with different components and chemicals thus we say they are human-engineered. Dietary supplements, on the other hand, are elements that contain nutrients that may lack in one’s diet. This is because as humans we may not consume all the nutrients we require from the food we eat. Therefore, we require these supplements to help us fill in the missing gaps.

Dietary supplements are therefore useful to a human being’s body. Steroids, on the other hand, have been known to cause bodily harm from time immemorial. This is because they cause abnormal growth of most body organs. Apart from the growth of the body parts like the chest, biceps and triceps among others, they may also trigger the growth of the lungs and even the kidneys.

This, in turn, leads to a malfunction of those organs. Steroids are actually banned from being used in most countries while supplements are allowed in almost all countries. People have started investing in the dietary supplement business in Kenya. This is because of the fast-growing fitness industry in the country. There are different dietary supplements for different needs in the human body.

Some people take dietary supplements on a daily basis. Taking something like Vitamin K helps the blood clot. Taking fish oil helps improve the body’s resistance to diseases. Taking Calcium and Magnesium tablets helps strengthen the bones. This just to name but a few. For fitness lovers, there are different kinds of supplements that are taken to help the body in different ways.


Protein powders are the most common types of supplements used by gym lovers. This is because they help increase the amount of protein in the body which in turn leads to muscle growth. Creatine is also another supplement mostly used by gym lovers. This is because it helps increase muscle strength and endurance while exercising.

The main question is: why invest in a supplement business as a young person? The answer? Because it is one of the most marketable investments in Kenya at the moment. People are joining gyms and apart from working out, supplements are also used in sports. This means they are used on a day to day basis. Supplement dealers online mint a great amount of money from their undertaking. The reason for this is, as much as people are using them, they do not come cheap.

A tub of protein powder that lasts for about two months might cost an athlete a staggering Ksh. 6,000. A bottle of creatine, on the other hand, may cost an athlete an astonishing Ksh. 3,500. The point to note here is that most of these athletes use them on a daily basis and considering they are tested elements, it means they are not illegal in the country.


A good number of young people are minting money from the business and even doing it online. Examples of such businesses are Pain and Gain supplements and Kenya Supplements. If you are looking to make money the right way then the supplement business is the way to go as a youth.

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