Investment options for everyone in College and Campo


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Being financially savvy as a young person is important. This will help you handle more money as you grow older. It will also help you make the most of the little you have. For those who don’t have the courage to start a business yet but are still on campus, there are alternative investment plans to try.

Retirement Benefits Authority Plan

RBA with the Kenya Revenue Authority has an early pension plan. Mbao Pension Plan is a retirement plan that any young person can join. You get to save as little as Ksh. 20 a day. One can also opt for Ksh. 500 a month or Ksh. 6,000 a year. This is a long-term kind of investment which will help you save for your retirement. One might think that it’s useless but if you start saving in your first year, you can opt out in the fourth year. This is because the minimum required time to opt out is three years. This money earns interest which you can then use for other purposes. The good thing also is that defaulters are not charged, allowing you to save when you are financially ready. The money is also not taxed unless it comes to more than Ksh. 20,000 a month. Yes, this means you can save as much as you want every month. You can also make payments via M-Pesa. To find out more about how to sign up, visit the RBA website.

Old Mutual Unit Trusts

i-Invest is a product by UAP-Old Mutual that allows you to invest in unit trusts. This is a low-risk kind of investment. You only need a minimum of Ksh. 480 in your M-Pesa to sign up. By dialing *480#, you will see the prompts to follow. You do not need to go to their office for that. You can top up every month from your mobile phone. This money also earns you interest. If you manage to invest some money every month that you are in varsity, you’ll have money to start life after school.


Stanbic Bank launched M-Shares. This is a platform that allows you to invest real-time in shares via your mobile phone. All you have to do is open a Central Depository System (CDS) account with them. You can visit any of their certified agents within Nairobi and other parts of the country. The information and place of their certified agents is available on their website. After that, dial *209# to trade via your phone. Equity Bank also allows for one to trade shares via their mobile. You are also required to just open a CDS account with them. Ksh. 2000 can go a long way when you invest in shares. The money you make every time you sell back your shares, no matter how little, can cover some of your expenses.


This is the most hassle-free saving. You can save in two forms. You can open an M-Shwari account and save as little as Ksh. 1. You can withdraw this money anytime. You are also the one to decide how much you want to invest. You earn interest over time. The other form of investment is through the Lock Savings account. If you happen to have a lump sum of money, you can save it there. Your money will mature and earn interest according to the months you have decided to “lock it away.” You can top up the money every once in a while.

These investment options help you start small.

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