Is Her Mind Somewhere Else While ‘At It’?


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Once the condoms are already laid next to the bed and you decided that sex issa plan, you invite them over.You set the mood and the foreplay begins.Sometimes, sex does not turn out the way you imagined it.You are trying your very best to make the sex work but the girl’s mind is somewhere else.So how would you know her mind is somewhere else?

When she gasps about something you do to her- if you touch her in a certain way and she is taken aback in a way that shows disbelief, her mind has definitely taken her to a certain time when the same was done to her. This gasp is usually followed by a long stare that almost says,”what?!Never do that!” But she won’t say it because she would not let you know that someone else is on her mind.



When she screams more than usual- this is a red flag that you are not the only one. Last time it was normal and this time round it seems that she is louder than the last time the two of you smashed. Her mind definitely took her to someone else doing things to her.


When she zones out for longer than usual after cumming- if she zones out, she is most probably in deep thought about her last escapade and how it ended with her satisfied.You just reminded her of how good it was and she is now evaluating who did her better.Or she is just thinking of general life issues she might be going through.

When she calls you his name!– yikes!This is definitely the most you could go with a red flag.There is no turning back once she calls you Johnny or Roba and you are Mark.You do not need to be advised or consoled. Best move you could make is go get tested because she might be having multiple partners.

When she takes long to hit the big O- if you are dong everything ad anything possible to help her cum and it is not working,her mind is not at ease.She is pre-occupied and not ready for sex.

How else would you tell if she is thinking about something or someone else while having sex?




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