Is she the one? Tips za kujua kama she’s a keeper!


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If you are moving past the ufisi stage, you obviously need a fine gal to stay with. Inabidi uchore how you are going to get her and how you are going to keep her.  The first point is knowing whether she’s the one you should push with. Chiqs can change your life for the better and sometimes, you don’t even have to go far to look for her. She might be that babe you always turn to when things are bad. Here are signs that she might be the one. Maybe mmekuwa mkipush for a while now and you’re thinking, “she’s not so bad. It’s time for me to drop other side-plates for her.”

1. There’s no awkward silence

When you’re with her you can chat forever, about several things. It shows she’s not only interesting but she’s also really interested in you. Do you know how boring it is to try and build up a conversation with someone who’s not there? If that mama whispers sweet nonsense to you and you get mafeelings, wife her! But if the conversation can get on for long without you guys getting bored or anything, that’s a sign.

2. Saying sorry isn’t hard 

Men are proud. Saying sorry is not in our vocabulary. It’s not easy going around apologizing to chics. That’s not how we work. If we made a mistake we usually wait for her to cool and then go like, “Sasa umesema hutaniongelesha?” We all know how weird it gets. Madem also wrong. They also don’t say sorry. So they usually wait for when we need to hit it quick and that’s how they make their apology.  She’s a keeper if you can both say sorry to each other. Sorry, should be an easy word between the two of you. Now that’s goals for you.

3. You see her everywhere

All you see is her. You might be watching Spiderman and you just get reminded of her. You might be having chapati madondo somewhere and you remember her. She likes mutura like you and she can eat at a small joint. That’s how you know she’s a keeper. She’s always lingering on your mind. She’s all you see. And she’s all you don’t want to lose.

4. She’s down for *almost* anything

You know those crazy sex positions you’ve always wanted to try, she’s willing to give it a go. Raha ni dame who’ll be down for going out of town for a good time. If you make plans and always think of her then that right there is your girl.

P.S You are still young so chora life yako to avoid early pregnancies by using contraceptives. She’s not your wife yet hehee.


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