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“If you are using lube then you are definitely not doing it right.” This is a misconception that has surrounded the use of lube especially to young adults. Some ladies even feel  embarrassed about touching that subject because of this reason. However, more and more people are out here trying to get comfortable and get more enjoyable sex. So shout out to the genius behind ease in slipping inside. Here are some reasons why using lubes is totally fine:

  • Your body is right behind ya! Your mind might be turned on, but your body might be taking its sweet time to catch up. Do not feel ashamed of not being wet when you know you want it. It happens. This is why foreplay is very important during sex. You want your body to self-lubricated but sometimes it takes a while before it lands on the same page as your mind. Once you are ready, feel free to lube away and enjoy your safe sex.
  • It can decrease the pain and increase the joy. The whole point of sex is to enjoy it.With reduction of friction and dryness, you can finally have better comfortable sex. You can spend less time worrying about the pain an focus on the good things happening to you down there. No matter how endowed your partner is, that will be no worry to you. The only thing to throw into all this pleasure would be condoms of course.
  • Sex will become more delightful. You might be simply looking for simply for a new sensation during sex. It is impossible to stay lubricated enough the entire time you’re having sex, especially if you tend to go at it for a while. With the options of different flavours of lubes.This can lead to better moments and steamier sessions because you both can finally enjoy safer, painless sex.
  • There are lubes for sensitive vagina.  You may want to look into the ingredients that make up the lube you are using. You may find that some of them cause an allergic reaction or some sort of sensitivity. Watch out for ones with more natural ingredients and enjoy you sex and you may please.
  • It makes sex safer. Of course when a condom is in the mpango, a lube will act like assistant. Lubes  reduce friction and decrease the likelihood of a condom breaking.


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