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Viib3z is a hip-hop group in Kenya that has come to change how people listen to music. It consists of Martinski, Billy, King Ikua Aka Tony and Zeus. The group was started back in 2017. The trio came together through the love of hip-hop culture and music. They met via a WhatsApp group and ever since decided to work together to make music for the Kenyan masses – music that the ordinary Kenyan can listen to.

Their take on hip-hop is that it should describe a person’s life and the struggles they go through each and every day to achieve their goals. The four draw their inspirations from different places. Martinski being a Notorious B.I.G fan says that Biggie has inspired him a lot in doing the type of music he does. Billy claims his inspiration is anyone who has made music that is hitting the industry long after they are gone.

He gives examples like 2pac, Notorious BIG and many other hip-hop artists whose music is still the word on the street until now. Zeus claims his music is drawn from his passion of making peace, creating change and connecting with people. Zeus claims he would want his music to connect with people and make them feel that their issues are being well articulated. King Ikua and Zeus share the same ambition of making music to speak on what happens in society.

The music industry is always termed as the harshest one ever. This is because making it is not as easy as most people would think. Viib3z attribute their smooth come up to a few elements. “Great management is always part of the game. Without good management then an artist’s music cannot get to the consumers,” says Zeus. They also state that once an artist gets a great production unit then that will propel them to making great hits for the industry. They are also clear in mentioning that passion for the music one is making can easily be the route to success. Doing music ‘for the money’ is a problem most people have in Kenya. Viib3z’ advice to upcoming artists in the industry is that they should pursue music as a passion.

Money should always be a by-product of passion. This will ensure success and satisfaction in the industry. The four recently released their first song, ’Game’. This was a project they embarked on last year. They are hopefully releasing their first album as the year progresses. Viib3z also promises to release another song from the same album this month. ‘Hip-hop is not hip-hop if it is not from the streets; watch out as Viib3z is coming to rock you with some mad beats.’


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