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It is a difficult world out there after campus. Finding a slot in organizations and companies is like a looking for a needle in a haystack. Most  of the times. You will find yourself taking up small jobs that come your way just to survive  and gain little experience  here and there. most of these jobs require skills that will make you win over your employer. Here are some of the skills you need to empower yourself to ace the job market:

Internship-  You can still work while going to school. all you have to do is find a job that fits your area of study. Most internships do not pay much but is an opportunity for students to gain knowledge of their specialty as they learn. Most organizations might absorb you as a permanent employee if impressed by work well done.

Externship-  Set up an externship during long holiday and get some introduction to potential career fields. Externships are experiential learning  opportunities, similar to internships but markedly less rigorous, provided by educational institutions to give students short practical experiences in their field of study.

Cooperative education-  This is a structured method of combining class room based education with practical work experience. Find a college with a cooperative education program, where students alternate paid professional experiences with course work. Take classes for 1 semester, work full-time for 1 semester, and repeat.

Leadership training-  Crucial skills can be learnt from leadership workshops that might be very useful while working. such skills can be teamwork and excellent communication.

Project- Most institutions make a research based thesis part of the units required in order to complete studies and graduate. Well, sadly some of the students end up paying off people to do the projects for them.

Research- This a crucial part of your school project. do not just take part in your own thesis, help out your lecturers and your friends in conducting research. It provides new information and knowledge with every question or problem.

Student organizations- Join a club where you build your communication and team work skills. clubs bring together students with common interest and there is always a lot to learn from each other.

Unique facilities- Take an example of the local university radio. Come up with a unique program that could be aired regularly and enjoyed by the school community. Take advantage of the school pitch if you are talented in sports and athletics.

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