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When your mother is a drug addict you don’t wanna label her as one. You will always make excuses for her.  The effects of a substance use disorder (SUD) are felt by the whole family. SUDs negatively affect emotional and behavioral patterns, resulting in poor outcomes for the children and adults dealing with them.

The effects to the nuclear family may be feelings of abandonment, guilt, anxiety, fear, anger, concern and embarrassment. They may wish to ignore or cut ties with the person using the substance. The effects on families may continue for generations.

Mums’ who abuse substances are likely to find themselves increasingly isolated from their families. They often associate themselves with others who abuse substance. At this level, the kids are forced to raise themselves the best way they know how.


Families in which parents are drug addicts often get wrecked. Children get frightened by what is going on with their parents. It affects their emotional stability to an extent that they express their turmoil to people around them. They might even have phobia towards all people they assume are drug addicts thinking that they also have the same characteristics as their parents.

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