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The ‘Just Imagine Africa’ idea was formed by singer, songwriter and guitarist Michael Mugo with the help of
instrumentalists Brian Joseph (drummer) and Daniel Mbithi (bass guitarist). And with the trio coming together, a band was born. The band grew to accommodate other specialists like vocalist Wambui Mwangi and guitarist Joel Djowa.

‘Just Imagine Africa’ is an idea that explains true freedom to Africans. The group of young, talented and vibrant acts who came together and formulated this amazing idea have a marvelous description to the inspiration that drove them to start doing music. ‘Imagination is freedom and music is our way of spreading this message of love, peace and togetherness,’ states the slogan they ride on.

The band best describes their genre of music as “Afri-Reggae”. They insist that they aren’t a band to be boxed
in a specific genre since they are always flexible with their creativity. They are quite experimental with their music with a bias on afro-fusion, pop, alternative rock and just anything that gives their fans some good vibes. As young and talented upcoming acts, they have done several projects that have so far indicated the kind of disruption that they are ready to unleash in the industry. This was quite evident when they were named the opening acts at the recent Sarabi Experience, an event that was headlined by the popular band Sauti Sol.


Their ever-increasing recognition within the industry seems to have caught the eyes of the acclaimed
Kenyan boy’s band, which has done a spectacular project with them. The two bands teamed up to
create a song that celebrates the awe that is the beautiful Kenyan women. They have once again
brought their experimental creativity to the table and fused elements of pop and afro-jazz to give forth a tune
that is like no other. The song is titled ‘Madem wa Kenya’. The upcoming acts seem to have just gotten the much desired endorsement by Africa’s finest Afro-band. This has solidified their claim to the throne of Kenyan music.

The promising young band has already made it clear that they are the future of Kenyan music. And we cannot dispute that after seeing the talent that they portrayed in their jam with Sauti Sol.
The local music industry has neverbeen this unprepared for such unique talent. It’s time we started watching out for this band! They are the future!

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