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King Kaka: Wajinga Nyinyi.


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King Kaka “WajingaNyinyi”

Yesterday saw the making of Historically good music, or something close to it. King Kaka released to us his new rap single WajingaNyinyi, and unless you live under a rock, chances are you have already heard it, or heard of it.

King Kaka

In WajingaNyinyi, King Kaka literally calls us fools. All of us. And we all felt enyewe he deserves to call us fools, because we are. And here is why:

King Kaka, in his rap music video, that he decided to go with a black and white theme and a slow somber tune on the background, reputes us for time and time again following the empty promises of the politicians, voting them in office every political year only to be disappointed and do it all over again. I mean don’t we ever learn?

The 32-year-old rapper then goes ahead, boldly and fiercely I must add, to mention the exact names of these corrupt politicians that have let down our country more than once in WajingaNyinyi, among them is Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru who he wonders how she is still in office after the NYS scandal that saw her stealing millions of Kenyan shillings right under our noses.

“Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau Biro moja alibuy 8 thao Biro tunanunuanga mbao Either sisi ndio wajinga ama ako na marking scheme ya Accau”

(Waiguru is still in office and we forget the NYS scandal. One pen she bought for 800, a pen we buy for twenty bob. Either we are fools or she has the Accau marking scheme)

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Other big names mentioned in WajingaNyinyi are Ferdinand Waituti and how his daughter has millions of shillings in her bank account; Sonko and how he continues dancing in his office while youth cry of unemployment; Gikonyo and Moody being awarded youth funds despite being old people, Maraga who wants cars.

Basically King Kaka ruffles some big feathers in his song. He addresses the problems with Kenya in less than seven minutes, hitting the nail over and over again right on the head, and then questions these so-called politicians of their evils.

Of course, such a controversially woke song( WajingaNyinyi) would have many haters with most claiming that he is just clout chasing with WajingaNyinyi while some like Wavinja Ndeti claiming he should not abuse elected leaders just to seek relevance.

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Well, Wavinja Ndeti, the elected leaders are drowning our country; isn’t it time someone spoke out?

In fact, such as the negativity surrounding it that King Kaka took it out to Twitter asking for protection; from whom we do not know but we do hope the King will remain safe.

With WajingaNyinyi, it is evident the Kenyan Music is headed somewhere. Before WajingaNyinyi, there was Khaligraph’s Khali Kartel 3 and before that Sauti Sol’s Tujiangalie to mention but a few; all songs calling out the sins of Kenya.


King Kaka’s WajingaNyinyi YouTube Video 

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