Kenyan matatu sexcapades


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Vic* (not his real name), has not seen his bae for a while now. They’ve been sharing nudes but
that hasn’t been enough. The sexy boob pictures that his main chic has been sending him have
only been making him think of the good times they always have. The passionate kisses. The
scent of her lotion on her soft skin. Her long beautiful model-like legs. The ass that he always
enjoys tapping. Darn! Even thinking about her turns him while he prepares to leave the house.
They are both going to meet, grab lunch and possibly do something else fun before his girl goes
back home. Her aunt has just visited and she wants her in the house almost all the time. But Vic
likes them a little defiant. He likes them on top even in bed. He doesn’t mind her being a little
freaky while their bodies heave up and down when they’re sweating on top of each other’s
The distance from Thika to Nairobi seems to take forever but Vic is determined to meet up with
his girl. They finally meet. It’s all hugs and a short warm cheek kiss. Goodness knows they can
gerrit on even at Kencom station with the slightest provocation. If they had a chance, they would
probably have sex there and then for the world to see. Vic is not sure whether to take his girl to
KFC for some finger-licking chicken but he opts for a small fast food joint. God isn’t she
beautiful! Vic just loves being in her company. She is sweet and she loves a good laugh and this
drives Vic to just stare at her for a while which almost makes her chock over her mango juice.
“You should be choking on something else you know. Something big with veins all over it
giving it life,” he whispers to her and she chuckles a little. “I’m not wearing anything under,” she
says, giving him that wicked grin of temptation. He knows he can’t have her. At least not today.
She still has to go back home and Vic doesn’t have the cash to pay for a room at a nice lodging.
It has been a good Saturday for the two of them. Vic doesn’t want them to part but her phone is
just buzzing with calls and messages. He decides to escort her at least until she reaches her home
area. They get in the matatu and the mat has only a few passengers. “Tuishie tu ivo. Tutabeba
kwa rodi,” the conductor says. Vic and his girl sit at the back corner and that’s when things start
happening. A little cuddling turns into a kiss. A kiss then turns into a neck bite and licking. They
both laugh when the vehicle hits a bump and they are brought back to reality. Vic’s girlfriend’s
titties are now firm and hard and her nipples are almost showing over her lace dress. Vic gives in
and starts sucking her boobs before the conductor shouts ,” wasee izieni. Chini ya maji.” This
leaves the both of them flustered and embarrassed.
A few passangers now get in. Vic’s crotch is still aching him. He is still slowly rubbing his bae’s
boobs. His fingers are now deeply digging into his girl’s spot between her thighs. He can feel the
soft mushy area getting wet. Her pussy is now opening up. Wet with excitement. The old man
seated in front of the two says a few nasty words and clicks. She moans softly and Vic tries to
shut her up. Her moans start increasing before the mat stops. She has gotten to her place. “Faster
faster mami,” the conductor says as she tries to pull herself together. They both say their
goodbyes as Vic can’t even stand up from the seat. His cock is already filled with pre-cum and
his eyes are watery and red.

He looks over the window admiring her, thinking of what he will do to her the next time they meet.

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