What to know if you like to smash and pass


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Being young is a beautiful thing truly. There are not so many responsibilities to deal with. It’s a time to have fun as much as possible if you can. It’s also a time to let loose the fisi or fisilet in you if you’re into that kind of thing. But if you are are in the smash and pass or better referred to as hit and run lifestyle, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Be honest

If you just want someone to hook up with, then be open about it. Make sure to communicate to them that you’re not in it for the long-term. This will ensure that you guys don’t get into awkward situations. By awkward situations I mean where the other person starts getting clingy and you don’t know what to do.

Don’t do sleepovers

This is the most important thing to note. Once you start having sleepovers, you’re likely to feel emotional and then you’ll get all cuddly. If your intention is to move on to the next hot person, getting emotionally clingy won’t help you. The best way to avoid too much mushy pie is by avoiding sleepovers. AT ALL COSTS.

Have amazing sex

The point of smash passing is to give you the room to explore lungula with different people. Make sure you speak your mind when it comes to sex. Have fun with those moves but ensure you play it safe. Yes, please. The last thing you want is trouble following you after you’ve hit and run.

Don’t make plans beyond the bedroom

Uh huh. Whatever happens in the bedroom should be enough. There should be no dates, or taking them out for shopping. It’s just plain bedroom fun. It’s best if you don’t even cook. Don’t start taking part in activities that require team work other than what goes on between the sheets.

If you’re about that life, have fun and ensure you protect yourself. Keep condoms and contraceptives in check.



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