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With an ever growing local music industry, the paycheques have been getting fatter and fatter by the day. More artistes are starting to live the dream life of their international celebrity counterparts in other more developed countries like the US. The lavish lifestyle with flashy cars and hot babes is starting to take over the city of Nairobi and more youth are unceasingly getting attracted to this.

One of those icons that have continuously been a key influence around this kind of reputation is the Don Himself, KRG the Don. With an ever-growing empire of Fast Cash Music Group, several luxurious rides, businesses under his name and babes thirsting for a piece of him all over the city, KRG is just on another level.

KRG made his debut in the music industry back in 2015 with his famous dancehall hit “Whine and Kotch”. Ever since then, he hasn’t let the flame burn out. He has consistently been dishing out hit after hit for his ever-growing audience. Some of the hits that have followed have seen the artiste receive lauds of appreciation for his Jamaican accent mastery and creativity around his music.

“Cars are just like shoes. You can’t be wearing a suit then put on timberlands. Each car was meant for a specific purpose. If I’m going out for a meeting, I will ride something classic like an S Class. If I’m heading to a bumpy ride then I take the jeep and if I want to get across the city fast, I can take the AMG. No matter the case, I have to drive something heavy.” Says Don.

With the music business thriving and KRG’s lucrative businesses constantly fattening his wallets, the Kenyan hitmaker hasn’t shied away from blowing money fast like the baller that he is. From riding expensive wheels to buying his wife cars and generally throwing out cash to his fans. When the Outsyder asked him about his vast source of wealth and constant show-offs, this is what he had to say……


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