Cheap favours with serious repercussions!


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There are myriads of favours that men wish ladies would do to them, maybe due to their selfish nature or due to their fragile egos which need to be massaged. Dudes will always hide behind those cheap coffee dates and ugly smiles to get something out of it. Do not mistake his heartless laughter for his unending love for you. And his endless begging “Do me a favour” keep off from it. Well, some favours have no serious repercussions. Weigh them and act accordingly. But for the three mentioned favours below, resist and keep off from them.

  1. Sharing your Bff’s Phone number.

Best friend forever means a relationship for eternity and your loyalty should be evident even when that dude who’s crushing on her asks for her phone number. Resist giving out any details concerning your bff. That guy is a rogue that’s why he can’t approach your bff directly and ask for her phone number. Should you give out her number to Mr. Cunning and things go wry, the blame will be on you. And yeah you will put your friendship at risk.


  1. Single Nights pass.

Never and I repeat never lower your pants to quench the thirst of a horny stranger. Many tales are told about fruitful nightstands but your tale may not fall under the few successful ones. Nobody should trash your body and walk over it, it’s a haven, and only the serious and lucky bastards should have a taste of it.

  1. Making the first Move.

Many men wish that women would make it any easier and approach them. That’s for the lazy, less confident and or egoists. If a dude’s going to throw in a hint or two of wanting you, let him throw in the bait in the water. Regardless of how hungry you are, feed on anything else until he puts in the effort to fish you from your shell. Let him cut down his ego and woo you like a man should. Should you make the first move, chances are he will be little you and you know what every queens dream is to be shoved around like a hard earned prize.

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