Would you leave your job for your hobby?


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Youth in today’s society, especially in Kenya, have been struggling with the issue of unemployment. The main argument has been that so many people are finishing school and not getting enough employment opportunities. The main question is are there no jobs in Kenya or is it that there is no creativity among Kenyans? The answer is pure and simple. Kenyan youth are the most talented people the world has ever seen. This is because even though the situation in the country may seem dire, most of them always find a way out.

This is through the various entrepreneurship activities they engage in where they start their own businesses with all the knowledge they’ve gotten from school. An example is having journalists starting their own media houses and lawyers starting up their law firms. One area that the youth have started exploiting but have not fully conquered is turning one’s hobby into a business.

Society has always laid emphasis on education but forgotten that people can make money out of what they love doing on a daily basis. One may be a very good artist or a very creative tailor. Some of these hobbies can be turned into businesses that make millions or even billions. We’ve heard numerous confessions by people who left their jobs and turned their hobbies into full-time hustles. An example is a lawyer who left her job earning a salary of 200,000 shillings to start up her own bakery. It might look like stupidity or even a risky undertaking but here are a few tips to make you a millionaire with your hobbies.

Know your goal. One has to know what he or she wants to achieve at the end of the day. You cannot leave your job without a set plan of where you are headed. One has to sit down and critically think about what they love doing. Once you clearly know what your chosen hobby is, look at the ways in which you can earn cash using it. Do this by identifying market gaps. If its interior design know what people are doing and how you can do the same, differently.

This is by looking at the designs used by those currently doing it in Kenya and even abroad. If you can twist them to your preference then the next step is creating a business plan. A business plan will help you set goals for your business. After doing this, you can move swiftly into doing a lot more research on the market. This will allow you to know the needs of the market, more information on some of the gaps to be exploited, the behaviors of the target market in terms of purchases and many more. This is the first rule of success for any business.

Learn how to market your business. One has to learn how to market their business to potential clients. Different clients need different approaches in terms of marketing. This is because the product is new and you might need to use a bit of creativity in order to wow potential clients. Another thing you need to be mindful of is to never ignore even the smallest of clients. This is because they might refer you to major clients.

Create a brand and stick to it. Creating a brand is the most important aspect of the business planning process. This is because it will allow your client to identify with your business. You have to create a really unique brand to ensure it is not confused by any other one in the market. This will make it easier to present it to new clients in and out of the country once the business grows. Rebranding in a business is an important aspect but when rebranding, you have to ensure the original idea and design sticks so as not to confuse the clients or even make them lose confidence in your business.

If yours is an interior design business, you could change the logo design slightly but avoid changing the entire thing or the name. Unless your business is a worldwide brand that people refer to on a daily basis, and even in this case, the rebranding process and promotion will have to be very clear.


Set up finances. Lastly, one has to put up finances for setting up and running the business. Having enough finances will ensure that the business hits most of its future targets. In most businesses, one will incur most of the expenses at the very start but immediately the profits start coming in, there will be enough to run the day to day activities.

Never be afraid of doing what you love and turning it into a business. It might be discouraging at first but with a clear vision and focus, you will surely be bound for success.

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