Why are people so scared of world war L?


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The lesbian community has sprung into life after the recent court ruling that allowed the LGBTQ society to register their umbrella body and the popularity of the lesbian film, Rafiki, thus getting them international recognition.

Kenyans being a community of individuals who are on a high horse of self-righteousness and high moral standards were quick to criticize these events by simple word of mouth.

This even led to a ban being imposed on the Rafiki film before being lifted by the High Court. But this hasn’t stopped the lesbian explosion that is now becoming a threat to the boy child according to some men. However, what is alarming is the kind of reaction that society is giving the recent explosion.

The Kenyan society is approaching the situation as if lesbianism is an outbreak that needs to be contained before it becomes a disaster but the question is, wasn’t it there even before?

The internet has been going crazy over this after a video of two young girls proposing to each other was released, as their peers cheered on. In a society that prides itself in holding firm to certain African moral principles, this has been unheard of. It comes as a surprise yet it’s something that has been boiling for a while.

Scandals of lesbianism are not a new thing in our country, but now that lesbians are becoming bolder and coming out publicly, men are in panic mode. It’s becoming a stiff competition between men and studs and it’s therefore only fair that we dissect the world of lesbians and get to understand why lesbianism becoming so prominent nowadays.

Why are more women coming out as lesbians? 

The surge in the number of women, even some high profile figures in the society, coming out as lesbians has raised a significant alarm, especially among men.

People have been left wondering why a woman would choose to love and even consider marrying her fellow woman yet thirsty men are in plenty in our country. One of the obvious but unproven reasons is hormonal imbalance.

Theoretically, it’s logical to say that hormonal imbalance might cause lesbianism but scientifically, there is still no proof of the same. Some people claim that studs have a hormonal imbalance which gives them some male traits hence they tend to start behaving and feeling like men. This is often logically right but, scientists have till today failed to prove whether there is any relationship between the two.

In general, there’s also increased exposure to lesbian content that has made the lifestyle look cool.

With more and more celebrities coming out as lesbians, more youth have been lured into thinking that being lesbian is cool hence they are doing it just for that reason. And with the increased and unregulated access to the internet, more youth are having easier access to lesbian content.

Curiosity has also grown with increased exposure to lesbian related content in movies, music videos and articles. The young and naïve youth are becoming more eager to experiment with some of these things that they only get to see on the net.

This can also be attributed to the gay environment that most youth are nowadays being brought up in. One of the most prominent reasons that has recently come out is trauma.


The increased domestic violence, rape cases and messy breakups have led some women into being traumatized at the thought of emotionally and sexually getting involved with men. They, therefore, turn to their fellow women for sexual satisfaction and emotional support.

In the end, they cross a line that they can’t come back from. Recently, a scandal involving some highly held celebrities in the country revealed a new tactic that is nowadays used by most lesbians to grow the lesbian community and find partners for themselves. It’s what they term as ‘RECRUITMENT’. This is where they recruit other straight girls to join their lesbian community.

High School Recruitment 

A lesbian correspondent who goes by the name, Self-Made, says she came across this term in high school where it all begins. High schools are the genesis of lesbianism due to the environments they force students to survive under and she narrates how recruitment takes place there.

“Recruitment is usually prominent in the second and third terms of every school year. This is the period when there are no events and the girls’ interaction with the opposite gender is very limited. Therefore most girls are usually thirsty and craving any form of sexual satisfaction and emotional support. But the process doesn’t start here, it starts way back in term one.”

“In term one, when new form ones come in, that’s usually the most vibrant time for lesbians. It’s as if you have breathed some new life into them. It starts by the seniors spotting a potential lesbian form one who is still naïve and is ignorant about high school life. This is mostly done by the senior studs.

They identify and start owning or rather booking their targets. The pretty ones always fall victim very easily. They then befriend them by acting like the guardian who is willing to guide them through the harsh high school life as they often describe it.

This comes with its privileges too, for example, I remember I never used to sweep or mop because my guardian was a cop. She even used to wash for me my clothes at times. She was like a big sister to me, and I really trusted her. She was my comfort.” 

“This then graduates to them being overly touchy with their target. At first, you think it’s normal, but then this develops into long hugs and ass groping. Even boob touching at times in the toilets. Before you realize it, you start getting love letters under your pillow or slipped into your desk. Then you realize, Oh!… but it’s often too late.

Before long, you get the first kiss and at this point now you can’t say no. With the curiosity and anxiety built up, you find yourself giving in to their demands considering they are also your seniors. You even start making appointments.

If you turn them down and say no, then your life becomes hell. You are stripped off of any privileges and you become a target. Every wrong thing is pinned on you let alone getting regular punishments from cops.” 

Campus Recruitment

“This is the worst, leave alone the high school one. I know a lot of girls who have been recruited through this method. Marination is the most lethal yet common strategy that most lesbian studs use. When women go out drinking with their fellow women, they feel safe and let loose not knowing that their fellow women might be ‘chiporing’ them.

Studs make their targets drunk and then have sex with their unsuspecting preys. It becomes a norm to drink and have sex afterwards until the target is completely transformed and starts enjoying the experience.

Another one is hanging around lesbians. They usually recruit their targets sleekly by involving them in their activities, and even starting to ass grope publicly or kissing in selfies. And as they say, women are like pasta, it’s only straight till it gets wet,” concludes Self-Made. 

Why are men threatened? 

‘Boy child is under siege’, claims the Beast. Men are panicking at the increased number of lesbians that are coming out to declare their sexuality publicly. But why? One of the most obvious explanations would be that they are getting intimidated. Studs are getting to do things that men have failed in.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, studs are proving to understand their female counterparts way better than men. This also applies to emotional satisfaction. As it’s often said, it’s only a woman who can understand her fellow woman better.

Some are even proposing to their lesbian partners, and that’s challenging many men out there who are in a five- or six-year relationships but have never proposed. 

The women who are coming out to declare that they are lesbians are a lot of the pretty ones. This is scaring men especially now that most men are putting more preference on external beauty. In a world where a woman’s look earns her some status and when men start losing them to their fellow women then there is cause for panic.

Men are jealous that they are getting L’s yet other women are getting their proposals accepted. It is challenging men’s egos. 

However, deep inside, men do want to marry the same lesbians. Most men dream of having sex with two or three women at the same time which in real sense they like. But what pains them is just the fact that studs are now taking their place. So it’s just a matter of jealousy. All in all, all men are naturally lesbians! 

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