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8 months ago, Sauti Sol launched a music record label with the sole mission of producing Iconic Live African acts. In their own words, they planned on producing DOPE music. And so they signed several artists into this record label because what’s a label without artists?

Sauti Sol and the Signees. Photo by Nairobi Wire.


Over the months that followed we came to know these artists and fall in love with their music.

The most common of them, at least the ones who have made much noise on the socials are Nviiri the Storyteller, Bensoul and Kaskazini.

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So a few days ago when Nvirri released his new single (Fore) and then days later Bensoul featuring Kaskazini released theirs (Ile Kitu) we could not help but wonder which of these songs were better; which artists’ artistry will blow our minds.

Here comes the comparison.

Fore: Nviiri the storyteller.

Fore by Nviiri which premiered on 28th November 2019 has over 109k views on YouTube and is already number 9 on trending as per now.

With Fore, Nviiri really gave us a good song. A great song.

The first time I listened to it, I couldn’t stop hitting the replay button. It has everything you need in music; the relatable lyrics that can become memes; the little touch of romance that is sure to be loved by all girls; the hot girl dancing to its beats who will definitely be visiting several men’s’ dreams; the catchy chorus that is already being danced to and sung by several Instagrammers.

Nvirri is Just the kind of artist whose songs you just can’t stop listening to. First there was Pombe Sigara then Overdose then now Fore. He never disappoints us.

And his lyrics are always just…something else. Take an example of this in Fore:  Have you seen yourself? Hata kivuli chako ni dangerous.

Nviiri, ah, you kill us.

YouTube: Fore by Nviiri


Ile Kitu by Bensoul featuring Kaskazini.

Ile Kitu premiered on 2nd December 2019 on YouTube. It has roughly 29k views already.

I don’t have much to say about this song because the level of disappointment I feel cannot be put into words.

I was expecting so much; maybe that was the problem; they raised our expectations so high prior to its release; especially with that cover art.

I honestly feel for the cover art, something so good wasted in a song so basic.

Or was I the only one expecting naughty lyrics in this? Damn, maybe I listen to too much Gengetone but honestly naaah. We deserved better Bensol. We deserved better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song ; it would have been a good song if they chose a different cover art. I felt cheated honestly. Then the beats just had Sauti Sol all over it. We know the record is theirs and perhaps there should be a hint of the Sauti Sol magic in it but it was too much.

It’s a song by Bensoul and Kaskazini right? So give us that. We want to hear to the voices of these new artists.

Like come on, what happened to the Bensoul who gave us Lucy? Or the Kaskazini who gave us If I had your number?

YouTube: Ile Kitu, Bensoul featuring Kaskazini

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