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It is the 21st century, and it is no surprise that everything is changing, from technology to our view of the world, to sexuality.

Everything is changing, and if you do not move with the flow, you might find yourself stuck in it.

It comes as no surprise therefore that the work/career environment is also changing. Nowadays, you cannot survive in a career with just the basic knowledge of content. You have to develop a set of skills that will enable you to be the best employee or employer you can be.

Some of those life skills include:

Flexibility and Adaptability

These two speak for themselves. Flexibility basically means you have to be able to adapt to any change while adaptability is the ability to adapt to that change. So your boss has just introduced a new Computerized System, in your workplace, ask yourself, will you be able to adapt from the old system to the new one?

If you cannot, then I have bad news for you.

Initiative and Self-direction

You have to know that this is your work, and if you need someone to keep reminding you to do your own work, there is no way you will survive the 21st-century work environment. The world is moving fast, and it will leave people with no self-direction behind. If you keep waiting for it to stop for you, you might just miss out on that promotion that you have been eyeing.


Social and cross-cultural skills

I like to think this is the same as being Open-Minded, especially on issues like sexual fluidity, different cultures, religions, etc. etc. The career world is being more inclusive than it was a while back, and so you might have to work with people you did not grow up around, people that perhaps you think you are not comfortable around.

But if you open your mind just a little bit and accept everyone for who they are and work well with all of them, there will be no stopping you.

Productivity and Accountability.

This is after all business, and without you being productive, how do you expect to get that bag? Also, you have to be accountable for everything you do. The wins, the losses, everything. Combining these two, you will be the employee every employer wants.

Leadership and Responsibility

Truth is, even if you are just an employee, you are a leader or going to be a leader to someone else someday. You might get that promotion, or you might be a leader to that intern at work. Either way, you have to be a good leader, even if it means taking up leadership classes, you have to. You are after all going to be responsible for not only yourself but also another person(s).

I hope you will implement these life-skills as you go into work today, and as long as you shall work. They are also skills you just have to implement in your daily life even away from work.

Have a good day!



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