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Pauline Wanjiru, popularly known as Wanjiru among her peers and fans, is a young fashion curator who is out to shape the fashion industry in her own cheap yet expensive way. The Daystar graduate who is working in the real estate industry has managed to juggle between work and art, to create for herself a name both in the fashion industry and her current area of expertise. However, her brand stands out more when it comes to fashion.

The fast-rising fashion curator started out as a side-hustle fashion stylist and blogger when she was still in campus. She really didn’t give it much thought then. She only took it as a by the way; she would only dress to look good. But as time went by, she started realizing that her fellow students were giving her a lot of compliments on her sense of fashion and constantly asking her where she shops.

It became so much that she decided to start blogging about it and with the increased fan base, came clients. That’s when she decided to become a stylist but didn’t do it for long though. She discovered that she was more than just a simple stylist and that inspired her to claim the title: fashion curator.

As a fashion curator, she has diversified her services to include even services that are unpopular locally like fashion shopping. She also boasts of having styled some top celebrities like musician Cara Feral and TV personality Mary Mwikali. She also offers fashion styling consultation to various clients who she prefers not to mention.

She draws most of her inspiration from the culture, trends around the world and most of all, her personal interests which make her taste unique from other fashion curators and stylists. She strives to make her clients look as expensive as possible but keep to a budget that they can afford. Hence her slogan ‘Look expensive yet cheap!’

Wanjiru is a young creative who is constantly inspired by the happenings around her. “Fashion is an art and with art, you can’t force it. It has to come naturally from your deeper interests, you have to establish a connection with your sense of fashion. That’s how I maintain my authenticity. It’s very hard for you to find someone else having the same style as me. Unless they are copying me, haha!” Says Wanjiru.

She also expresses her disappointment with Kenyan’s reception of the new generation fashion culture. “It’s sad that people nowadays appreciate fashion not because of the art that has gone into it but because of the person putting it on. I don’t understand why people still adore influencers and ignore the art. There are so many fantastic fashion designers who go unappreciated because they are not that popular and I would like to change that. Let people start appreciating the art and not just personalities!”

Finally, she states that she is hoping to one day start a clothing line that would cater to the ordinary Kenyans who are looking into wearing something made locally but at a cheap budget. She criticizes other local clothing brands for overpricing their products and making them only affordable to a specific target market.


She describes it as a social class problem where designers prefer creating high-end products due to the higher purchasing power. However, Wanjiru wants fashion to be for everyone, something that can be afforded by anyone. She won’t stop until ordinary people have access to clothes that look expensive with a cheap budget.

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