Love is simple


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It really is. Where are the lovebirds at? At this stage I’m at, I don’t know whether love exists. I have been heartbroken several times. I have also broken the hearts of other chics. Goodness knows it’s the cycle as a young person. But still, when people open up their hearts to me, I start falling back in. In the deep dungeon called love. Perhaps love is not at all complicated. Here is a breakdown of why and how love really is a simple thing.


Are you in love or in a relationship? If you’re in love, all you have to do is talk. Communicate with your partner. You don’t like how he eats a lot, tell him. You don’t like how she undermines you in front of your friends, tell her. You are both in it because you care for each other. Love is all about talking your feelings out. Don’t hold anything back.

Share experiences

Make time to share moments together. I remember I was once in a relationship, sorry in love, with a chic whom we barely spent time together. Clearly, that was not loving. We were in a relationship. The simple rule to love is to spend time together. Be a team together. Love is really simple. The simple things matter.


How often do you make decisions together? If you want to take her out, do you ask her where she’d like to go? If she wants to be taken to Kempinski and you can’t afford it, discuss why she needs to choose another place. If he wants to go watch Arsenal getting beaten but you want him to cuddle, discuss and reach an agreement on why he should drop by once the game is over. You will be there to offer him emotional support, because Arsenal.

Find common interests

She likes skateboarding, you like swimming. How about going water surfing? Okay, maybe not here in Kenya. But think of it as a way of having fun together. By finding common interests you, therefore, put all your energy in the activity together.



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