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Most of the times while in campus we tend to think that we have time to waste in and out of classes and that we can survive solely through our folks’ little pocket money. We give excuse of how we do not know where to start with entrepreneurship and by the time its too late,that money making ship has sailed. Do not wait for someone to give you internship ; instead, here are some of the ways that you can make money while still in campus:

  1. Sell your class notes- We tend to have a couple of units where note taking in class is necessary and if you are not consistent with that, you lose out on a lot. Most students do not attend classes and hence they do not take notes. Be that note taker in class. Have your notes well arranged for these lazy bones your class. Later on, cease the golden opportunity of selling them these precious treasure and that will be the beginning of your money making. Again, you would have saved some students from getting that supplementary exam.
  2. Rent your stuff- Own a camera? A car? A nice shoe? A gown? A tuxedo? Hire it out. People are always looking to borrow stuff every now ans then. Whatever it is that your friends need at a particular time,let them pay a fee for it. Soon,you will be ‘that guy’ who knows where get things for people.
  3. Sell your clothes- Have that amazing style that everybody envies in campus? Be that stylista that everyone wants to dress like. When someone asks, ‘where did you get this jacket?’ Just say,’ I sell them.’ And that my friend will be the seed that will bear a boutique in months time.
  4. Freelance write for blogs-  It is as simple as contacting and asking if you could write for them.
  5. Sell your idea– Did you know that creatives get paid just to come up with unique selling ideas. If you are a guru at that, then look for agencies looking to crack ideas for certain campaigns. This kind of working just needs a light bulb moment and you are good to go. Test yourself by always being the one to come up with ideas for your friends even for their small parties.
  6. Sell your artwork- There are many kind of arts that you can start by selling around your community before you establish yourself and start getting referrals. Thanks to YouTube, You can DIY and learn how to hand-make a lot of things.
  7. Write assignments for people- Students get lazy when it comes to doing assignments. They generally do not want to do research and get into the details of doing a whole project by themselves. If you are flawless in research, you could be the perfect fit f these. Start by doing assignments for lazy/busy classmates and before you know it, you will have found a hobby around campus.
  8. Sell goodies- Buy chocolates, sweets, cakes and whatever kind of goodies that especially campus chics like to munch on. Knock onto hostels doors and sell it to them. Most of the time, students staying in campus are lazy to buy stuff. Bring the shop close to them and go home with some profit in your pocket.
  9. Become a video YouTube blogger- If you are good at videos, then YouTube could probably be your thing. Start a YouTube channel around your school and get those views popping. The more the views,the more the cash you pocket. It is estimated that video bloggers on YouTube get roughly $7.60 per each 1,000 views of their videos.
  10. become a Tv, Movie or Ad extra-  Every now and then, several shows are looking for spectators and extras to fill up their set. Attend these things and go home with around 2000 bob to even 5000 bob depending on what kind of shoot it is for.

Thank me later!

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