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There is nothing that makes a bad day better than a good laugh, and thanks to the internet, memes and funny videos at our disposal, laughs are easy to come by. And the people behind the comedy don’t just make us laugh. They make money too.

Kish, a film student at MMU, Mehta, a plant operator and Moha, a graphic designer have learnt the skill of not just being funny but also making a few shillings out of it. They are the founders of Kish Films. They spend their weekends filming and editing the funny videos we see on Instagram and YouTube.

Kish Films first started as a class assignment. Mehta and Moha would come together to help Kish film videos for his assignments. With time, it grew into a whole brand. They always make sure even if it’s a short funny video, it has a cinematic feel to it. Being funny is well complemented with good camera work and editing skills. Kish Films then touched base on Facebook and later jumped on to YouTube and Instagram. Their videos get up to ten to twenty thousand views.

This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for their ever-supportive families and their great fan base. So how does this turn into a business? The goodness with being a comedian is that it becomes your brand. It’s even better if you have something that makes you stand out as this will open up opportunities. For Mehta, it was his Luhya accent that made him stand out which got him to do a radio advert.

You can also earn money through product placement. Companies can pay you to have their product used or to mention their services. You can also become their brand ambassador because of the clout you pull. Clout is everything in this entertainment industry. The easiest way to grow your clout is by doing you, which is, offering something original. The Kish Films crew thinks one of the biggest things that should change in this growing industry is the cost people put into production.

A funny short film should be well scripted and edited. The camera tricks are also important. These make your audience enjoy watching even more. Comedy is, however, not an easy thing to do. One of the biggest problems Kish Films has faced is getting a consistent girl to act. This makes them have to take up the female roles themselves. It, nevertheless, adds more humour into what they are doing. Another challenge is that people never differentiate their characters from the videos to the people they are in real life.

Most times they are not taken seriously. Kish Films hopes to grow into a bigger brand. They look up to comedians like DJ Shitty, Prof Amoh and Eric Omondi. They advise anyone who wants to venture into the comedy business to focus on the content they give their viewers and not on themselves. Most importantly, they advise that one should get joy from the best and worst moments of the whole process.


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