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In the old education system, crafts like crocheting, tailoring, just to mention but a few were compulsory. Schools have however ignored the arts and such crafts are being forgotten. Nevertheless, they can actually be your source of income. Charity Wairimu, a second-year student at Kenyatta University, found a way of making money using her self-taught skill.

Charity crotchets bags, tops, rompers, earrings, house shoes and bralettes. Her interest in crocheting started right after she finished high school. The period before you join campus is a perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill and Charity did not waste it. She started watching tutorials on how to crotchet. Her mum, her biggest support, also helped her learn the basics.

Crotcheting for her started as a hobby, something to keep her busy. One time after she had made really cute house shoes, her sister recommended her friends to Charity and she started making money.  This gave Charity the zeal to start her own brand. One thing about the stuff she makes is that they are unique and she puts a lot of creativity into all her products and this makes them stand out. With time she wishes that her brand will grow to be respected and appreciated such as that of Karl Lagerfeld.

Just like any business, Charity does face a couple of challenges. One of her biggest challenges is that her clients could be far and some send in the wrong measurements. After she sends back the final product, it may end up being either too big or too small. The other problem is that it takes lot of time. This forces her not to produce stuff in bulk as she would wish to do.

Regardless, every challenge comes as a motivation for her. She advises that anyone who wants to start such a business should first ask the older people how crocheting is done. Our parents and guardians understand this better since they did it as a subject in school. It’s a good thing to have background information about the craft. The other thing is to watch as many tutorials as you can get on YouTube.


The most important thing is to have a passion for what you are doing. The things you have around you can be turned into a business. You don’t have to do a lot or even go to school for it. All you need is interest and a lot of YouTube. It’s as simple as that. For more information on the grind grab a copy of The Outsyder in The Nairobian every Friday.

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