How to get your 6 minutes orgasm!


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‘The 6minutes to paradise ‘ is inevitable for most lovers. You never know when the desire to have sex strikes. All that we know is that the desire may strike anytime, when it’s two minutes to work, just when the baby wakes up or when you just heard a knock at the door which you have to answer. The feelings could be impulsive, we all lust after our partners sometimes and the only way we can fix this is to have quick sex. Here are things to consider while giving a quickie:

  1. Lube.

As the sex may take a short time, the lube will make it even shorter though memorable. Lube is an incentive that you shouldn’t miss in the bedroom by any means. Your partner avoids the pressure of arousing you as well as waiting for your honeypot to be wet. Lube reduces any friction and discomfort in your cookie.

  1. Build-Up.

‘Sex is all in the mind’ -is a no brainer. Preparing you and your partner mentally goes a long way to enhancing your act. Sending nudes and sexting your partner before the act builds up the pleasure. It acts as a form of fore-play. Taking your time to arouse you and your partner adds up to the fun and gives him or her ideas on what he or she should do to you. It also prepares his mind on what to expect during sex.


  1. The Best Sex Position.

A quickie is not the right time to experiment and try new things. It’s entirely not time to ‘spice things up ‘ It’s more of a ‘touch and go’ moment. That said, you have to hit it off with a sex position that resonates with both of you. One that would get you both to climax in a jiffy. Remember to pull out the best tricks, the tricks that will drive your partner crazy. The whole idea is to pull out the moves that will make both of you to climax in less time and with little effort.

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