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In this modern day men and women are going over the edge for peak orgasms. Benefits of orgasms are huge for both physical and mental wellbeing. Harvard Medical School has found that regular orgasm can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer by 22 percentage.

The rate at which the sex toys business is booming is alarming. This is because a good percentage of the consumers are youths. Recent studies have also revealed that married women are among the highest users of sex toys, however, the stigma for men who show interest in sex toys is still on play. Here are reasons why women would prefer toys over men.

The Lesbian Takeover. Lesbianism is becoming a fast-growing trend and with this sex toys comes as a package. Vibrators and strap-ons are common sex toys among lesbian couples. Messy breakups and incomplete orgasms by men lead to some women converting to being lesbians.


The pursuit for a monster orgasm. Use of toys often comes as an alternative to intimacy. Most women struggle with orgasm and most of the time fake it to satisfy a man’s ego. Sex toys have a mechanical vibration that provides intensity of stimulation, no man can compete with that. Most women go for sex toys to achieve intense climaxing. Another advantage is that there are no feelings attached to the sex toys all you need is tokens to power the machine.


#Menaretrash. The team behind the hashtag are the power house of sex toys. They scream men are trash in public and use sex toys in private to satisfy their lustful urges. The debate is seeking to demean men and portray them as replaceable objects. The men’s take is that no matter how powerful the sex toy motor is it can’t share the affection, pleasure, comfort and meaning a man brings to a woman.

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