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Who goes to the shamba without a jembe? Similarly, why should a man want to get laid when he doesn’t have the right tools? Men, I hope you are taking notes. There is nothing that spoils the mood like an unprepared man. Imagine how hard it is to get a woman from the sitting room to the bedroom. Then when you get there, with clothes off, and the steam up there, you get the shock of your life- he does not have a condom. You have to start looking for one. By the time you get it, the mood is already low or even worse, you
don’t find one. Listen, make sure you carry enough condoms. You don’t want the game to end even before it begins. If you carry just one condom, don’t blame us when we refuse to be part of the show. I’ll say it again – guys should always have a condom.


You do not know what might happen. You might be at a party and you find yourself in a room with a hot kababe who wants it so bad. If you don’t have a condom, that is a missed chance. With the recent shocking
revelations on HIV and STI infections among the youth, no one should take the risk of hitting it raw. It is good to be prepared for anything.

What’s more, no one knows your mujulubeng better than yourself. When you carry your own condom, you get to use the brand of your choice. You know what works best for you. This means you’ll have saved yourself from the risk of allergies from certain types of condoms.

Carrying a condom in your wallet does not necessarily mean that you are a fuck boy. It also does not mean that you are always thinking of sex. It means that you are responsible. You think of what might happen in the future. You are avoiding scares like pregnancies, STIs and HIV. There is no shame in being a man and taking responsibility for you and your partner. She trusted you enough to let you smash her; the least you can do is to carry a condom.


However, this does not mean that women should not also act responsibly. You can also carry condoms to avoid being disappointed. But as a man, take the initiative. And enjoy safe sex.

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