Mpango wako ni what? 4 Career tips for you


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What or whom do you hope to be in life? Truth be told, we all can’t run businesses. Issa tough
world out there. You’ve been dying to drive a Range Rover Evoque by the time you hit 25years
old. Wow, big dreams yea? I am also cocksure that I’m not the only one who hopes of owning a
home in Muthaiga….. We’ve all been there. We have to appreciate one thing, it all takes time. Great
jobs are still out there, waiting to be taken by young talented, passionate and committed guys.
Here are a few tips you can apply to increase your chances of landing that jobo you’ve been
1. Volunteer. Radio star Shaffie Weru got a job at Radio Africa by starting off as a
volunteer. A student at Mt. Kenya University got a job and funding for his website
development venture by starting out as a volunteer at the university. Rose, a student at
KMTC Mombasa was studying health records management course and she decided to
offer voluntary services at a hospital in Kiambu. She was noted by a visiting NGO and
that’s how she landed a job. By volunteering, employers will see that you are not only
doing it for the money but also because you love what you are doing. This might give
them a reason to keep you on a long-term contract. Volunteering is not easy. You have to
fend for yourself without any pay with the hopes that you will get a job. If you are
committed enough, doors will open. No, I don’t mean it literally but opportunities will
arise with time. This is one way of ensuring that you keep your options open.

2. Internship/ attachment. Apart from meeting new people (hot chics, wink wink), you
build your network. If you are pursuing a course in college or on campus, once you get
free time, get into an internship program. This is how you learn to make use of the skills
you are studying. Through an internship, you also get to learn invaluable lessons about the
field you plan on joining. It is also important to behave accordingly and show openness
while interning at whichever place you are. Make sure to also build a good rapport with the
staff. This might impress your supervisor and that might make them willing to hire you

3. Pitch ideas. What are you good at? What can you do best? For some, it’s social media.
They know when to post, what to write and how to engage with online readers. Some of
us can make amazing clothing pieces and jewellery. How about you make a collection
and present it to Mr. Price and hear out their take on it? You can also come up with a new
flavor for cakes and pitch the idea to Blackforest House Kenya. If they pick your idea,
you might make money by just working on what you are good at. This is also one way of
landing a job since they might take you in as an in-house consultant on that area you
decided to work on. The employer might also be impressed by your initiative and plan on
giving you a job. It works both ways, if your idea is rejected, they will tell you why and
you can work on improving it. Use that idea to start your small bizna. If they accept the
idea, you get to make money.

4. Apply for a job. Easy peasy. Just apply for a job while still in school. This means that
once you are through with school, you get to move straight to a job. This takes courage
and confidence. It also means that for you to be considered, you need to have a bit of a
convincing CV. It would also be best if you applied for the job in your fourth year.

If all else fails, have a plan B (up to Z) that you can fall back on. Keep looking for opportunities
and keep working on improving yourself. Chora life ya yours as early as now. Have several
options lined out and work on them. Mpango sasa ni kwako since we all hold our lives in our hands

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