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Life is all about kuchora mpango; kumake plan. The world needs young entrepreneurs. They create job opportunities in return for other people and raise the standards of living. It is therefore necessary for young minds planning to venture into entrepreneurship to seek for direction and wrap their heads around the business journey.Here are some of the tips I gathered that might  be useful:

  1. Have the passion. Look at the things around you that you care most about. The tings that give you that drive and motivation. When you venture into things that are not in your interests, you are most likely to end up where you started from- step 1.
  2. Take a risk. A risk in a new business venture in important as long it is sensible. Putting your money where you feel that you are going to gain some profits or bear some fruits is totally allowed. Feel free to also gather some donations from family, friends or well wishers. You just may never know where dreaming and working smart might take you.
  3. Know your audience. Products and services are always made or produced for certain people. If you are a student, staying local or targeting your fellow students might  be the best direction to take. Go with something that makes sense to your scope. Something whose market you already understand.
  4. Be true to your self. This a piece of advice that will never rot. Be true to thyself. If you know that you cannot commit certain amount of money or hours into your business venture, do not go for it. Take advantage of the resources that you have for free around you before you kick off to bigger things.
  5. Use public relations. A small thing like getting a mention in your local campus magazine can take you a long way. Take advantage of the media sections in blogs or other opportunities for reviews. Traditional tools like PR can take you and your new products and services a long way. They have a long shelf life and may cost you less than advertising.
  6. Use social media- Advertising now and then is necessary. Getting word out there about your new products and services is fundamental. Apart from word of mouth, getting a larger audience to know about your business gives it exposure and potential new customers. Social media is a powerful, affordable tool; but do not be eager to jump into the bandwagon without having a plan. Do not just plaster things all over the internet trying to get word out there. Experiment,measure and evaluate your advertising online.
  7. Seek mentorship. Guidance is the best thing that could ever happen to you and your new ventures. The beginning of a business can be very frustrating and terrifying. It is therefore important that you seek for people who are already dong well in your kind of business to seek for direction. Mirror them for one day if you may and get to know how it feels like to be in their shoes.take advantage of the knowledge they offer. Campuses often offer entrepreneurship workshops where mentors are invited to speak. Make sure you fully attend these.

These tips might not automatically lead to total success but will surely help you avoid serious mistakes in new venture.

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