Niko Na Dream


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Niko na dream ya kuget a PHD
Instead of an STD ju mayouth mob
Campus wanamisbehave bila CD
Wakasahau pia YOU ONLY DIE ONCE
Generation yenye good na evil ni best fwends
Generation yenye ONE NIGHT stands zimethrive
Coz love imekua complicated
Generation yenye madem wanachoose kurise up
In life by lying down with a sponsor
Generation yenye sex imekua strong CURRENCY ya kuget
By in life
Generation yenye sins zinathrive prostitution na corruption
Ziko on the rise
Wamesahau both ni same ju ni kuuza your dignity for a small fee
Generation yenye injustice is more practiced than justice
Coz hata ukihire lawyer watanunua judge.
Nina dream ya kuenlighten my generation
Nishow madem wako na sponsor success is not SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED,
Nishow machali macourgar karma is a bitch(ur mum may be doing it with another boy of ur age)
Ninadream ya kuelevate ghetto
Instead ya wezi kuwe na mshahara kila mwisho wa mwezi.
Dreams za kujenga nchi instead ya kutegea wajenge ndo nipake rangi
Dreams za kuenlighten youth kuhusu the power of a voters card
Wajue ukabila si reason ya kubutcher maneibas after elections
Dreams za kuenda korogocho na kuwapa mayouth wa huko mawaidha kochokocho
Niwashow pia after hard work kuparty ndo reward coz after all YOU ONLY DIE ONCE


By Brianas Njoro

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