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Nivi which was initially known as mPango, is a digital platform that enables its users to ask any questions on sexual and reproductive health. It enables individuals to receive personalised advice, tips, recommendations and referrals for contraceptives as well as rate their experiences.

Nivi delivers its results through Facebook messenger and SMS via mobile phones, even basic feature ones.

To get all your questions answered, get started using this link: which is via Facebook messenger. It quick, simple and free.

Here’s how the messenger interface looks like:

The replies are instant and you will be required to answer a few questions so that Nivi can be able to recommend the closest and the best health care facility in your area.

Alternatively, you can access the service via SMS. You simply need to send the word “Connect” to 22684.

Most questions are answered instantly however if the questions get a little complicated and long, Nivi will refer you to one of the agents who can answer your questions. Nivi will also refer you to an appropriate clinic once you confirm that you need a sexual and reproductive health service.

Why do we love the platform? It’s private and simple to use. Nivi is extremely confidential and enables easy access to all your contraceptive and sexual health services. It’s also very effective because no one will either humiliate, criticise or judge you for what you are curious about.

So get started right now, here:

For more information on Nivi, visit their website here.

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