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Let loose is the only segment where you will find all the real life stories that relate to people’s everyday life.  On this week’s issue we focus on sports betting as a career. By career i mean, so many people have taken it up and apart from loosing cash they are making so much money.

The problem with gambling cash is that one has never planned on how they will spend it. This means one might just get five thousand shillings by simply betting using one hundred bob. Trust me it is not that easy. Some people end up loosing the cash they stake on that bet slip.


Away from losing and winning stories. A man ended up loosing everything he had in one night. ‘Wasichana wataonyesha wanaume mambo.’ Some women, and this is not generalizing the whole female population.

These women that we are sidelining are the most dangerous. They know that as a man you have landed on some good amount of cash and BOOM! That is when she comes and becomes friendly.

As a man you find yourself spending extravagantly and taking these women to the most expensive clubs in town.  An incident like that happened to one of the male child and he narrates the experience like one he will never forget. “There is a part of me that i don’t remember,” states Brian. This man seems to have gone through the most hell of days in today’s society.


Get the full story  tomorrow from The Outsyder in the Nairobian. Grab your copy for more interesting stories on what happens in today’s society. The Outsyder mambo yote!!

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