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The Outsyder team caught up with the lovely Alicios Theluji a Congolese recording artist. This is what she had to say on how to make it in the music industry.

Are you an upcoming artist? well here are some tips for you. Create your own content. This is where originality comes in. Create music that you can enjoy and choose a genre that you comfortable in. Alicios first song ” Mpita njia” was an instant hit that changed her life. It takes one move in the right direction to change your music career.

Share your content on social media. Publicity is everything nowadays. Take advantage of the social media platforms and share your content. You never know who listens to it. Join groups on the social platforms to push your music.

“Money calls money. You have to spend money to get money”, Alicios says. Nothing is for free so you must put in the work. You cannot produce mediocre music and expect extra ordinary results. Get top notch music producers and creators and it will definitely be worth it.

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