Best Friend excape death by pills


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Popping pills is a really big trend on our campus. Everyone is doing it as it has a kind of high that cannot be explained.

My name is Sharon, a third- year student. Taking drugs is something that isn’t new to me. It became part of my party life since I was in first year and I have done just about every drug apart from heroin. I have even dated a peddler before. I have never seen a problem with popping pills or passing a blunt. Being high is something you honestly need in order to survive campus.

There is just a lot of pressure from family, school and society so getting high is like an escape route from society. Last weekend was no different. It had been a long week and we needed to loosen up. My best friend and I live in the same apartment in Kangemi. It’s a pretty chilled place with neighbours who mind their own business.

The original plan was to have a simple hangout in our house with snacks, alcohol, some drugs and music. Plans, as they always do, changed along the way. People suggested that we have a road trip to Mombasa for the weekend. We could quickly book a hotel and just get a designated driver. We rented out a car and a driver, looked for a hotel and were set to travel on Friday since none of us had classes then.

It was not something new. We have made impromptu travel plans even to Kisumu before because thankfully we usually have flexible Fridays. The party started here in Nairobi and by the time we were getting to Mombasa we were so lit, we hardly unpacked our stuff. I blacked out for the rest of the afternoon. The next thing I remember was being woken up at around seven in the evening.

We were supposed to go out clubbing so we ordered pizza and fries as we got ready for the club. On our way to the club in Mtwapa, I was passed a pill by one of our friends. It was my favourite: MDMA. The club wasn’t as we had expected. We just didn’t feel the vibe. So we decided to bring the party back to the apartment we had rented.

This involved more drugs, more music, more fun and I was deep into trip mode. This was until I was called to the balcony. I saw Suzie on the floor where she was having seizures. I was so scared and I didn’t know what to do. I asked what she had taken and found out she had taken a second pill of Molly. We were too scared to even call an ambulance. I just stood there petrified.


She was starting to sweat. I called one of my friends who is a resident doctor and I told him what happened. He suggested that we find a bathtub of some sort and pour cold water to bring her temperatures down. There was no bathtub so we sat her down in the bathroom and let cold water from the tap run over her.

She was okay by morning and our journey back to Nairobi became sooner than we had anticipated. No one spoke a word on our way back. It was an experience I never want to go through again.

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