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Isn’t it a good feeling to know that you have money that you can count on after campus? Whether you are planning to pay off a students loan, to a buy a house or a car, a huge amount of money is needed for this. Your student allowance is not enough, trust me. Here are some of the ways that you can straighten up your financial ways even after graduating:

Visualize  your savings- Do not save for the sake of just saving. If you have saved cash just lying around, you might as well get tempted to put it into use. So instead of just saving to save money, try and  visualize what you are aiming to afford and set a goal for what you’ll use the money for. Whether it’s your dream car, your dream house or a trip to your dream destination, try finding a picture of it so you can see what the outcome of this money is going to be.

Learn how to budget while in school- Split your money wisely starting with the most important things followed by the least important. If you do not train yourself as early as now, you will suffer tomorrow as you will find it difficult to get over the habit of over spending.

Learn about personal finance and investing- The Internet is exploding with blogs and websites aimed at teaching 20-somethings how to manage their money. Read, learn and think ahead.

Learn to cook an clean- Not only will cooking save you money, but you’ll also be healthier. If you don’t already know how to clean and do laundry, pick up those skills, too. If you’re living at home, it’s an excellent trade for free rent.

Pay your bills on time- Not only is it a good habit, it will help you build credit and avoid exorbitant late fees. Once this is a habit for you, trust me, you will not suffer much after you graduate.

 Make use of lump sums of  money-This type of money could include gifts from family members for a special occasion, scholarship money or even a bonus from your job. It may seem like something that should be spent right away, but what is the harm in saving it? You didn’t expect to have this money, so put it away so you can’t touch it anymore!

Open a savings account- While making good use of lump sums of money,you might as well open a savings account while at it. Spare some of your money every month and put in the bank. This kind of money might help you get a loan one day when you are ready to fund your business or whatever it is that you would need a loan for.



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