Powerful words to use in your CV. You’ll be ahead of the curve!


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Most of us are in campus and we are probably worried that there are no jobs. No lie by the way, the struggle is real. But are about kukachora and that’s why we’ve got a few tips for you. If you want your CV to stand out, use these words next time.

To show leadership

If you have ever worked or interned at any place, I hope you gave it your best. You might have contributed something valuable and here is what you can write if you showed any leadership:

  •  I spearheded
  • I pioneered
  • I transformed
  • I ignited
  • I modernized
  • I optimized

These words show a strong sense of leadership. If you have not interned anywhere, it doesn’t mean you can’t use those words. You might have been in charge of a club in college and you brought in a few changes. Use the above words to show the changes you brought.

To show money management skills

Money makes the world go round but if you can show that you can handle money, yaay to you. Companies are looking for people who are money-wise too. They are trying to make profits. If you have ever handled money, don’t forget to use words that describe that:

  • I budgeted
  • I cut costs
  • I drove growth
  • I invested
  • I reduced
  • I negotiated

To show people skills

Don’t just say you are a people’s person. Describe what you mean by that. These are the words to use: (in this case, make sure to use the word “we”. This shows you worked in a team)

  • We motivated
  • We uplifted
  • We united
  • We galvanized

To show influence

If you are big on social media, how have you used that power? These are the words to use in your CV to show how ‘influential’ you are:

  • I convinced
  • I won
  • I mobilized
  • I spurred
  • I propelled

Next time, try to use any of these words in your CV. You might just be in luck. Chora CV yako. 

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