What should REALLY be in your college backpack


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We find ourselves carrying backpack in campus most of the time but never really make most use of it. With a backpack, you can carry most of the essential; things you will need around campus, effortlessly. Here are some of the items you need to consider carrying in your backpack.

A laptop…dah!

Exactly why we are so used to calling a back pack, a laptop bag. Your PC will come in handy when it comes to finishing up your school assignments because you can carry it around campus and touch on your assignments every now and then. You may also find it useful to catch a break with your favourite episodes of Insecure (totally me).

A note book and a pen

Or any other stationery depending on the course that you’re studying. Maybe a calculator? A ruler? You name it. I always have a pencil pouch in my backpack where I can access all kinds of stationery. You never know also when you can give a helping hand to your classmates when you carry extra.

Some snacks

These are great for curing those awkward whale noises your stomach starts to make during that quiet class two hours after lunch. Pack up an apple or two. A candy bar to munch onto is also not a bad idea. If you have the time, you could make yourself a sandwich, samosas or sausages and pack them up.

Chewing gum

Chewing gums are a life saver, especially those that are mint flavoured. They will save you from shying away from talking to that hot chic in class because of bad breath. You can also be Mother Teresa by donating to those guys who always insist on holding long conversations up-close with foul breath.

Water bottle

With all the walking from the hostel to class, a water bottle is truly a must have item in your backpack. There are taps nearly everywhere on campus that you can use to refill your water bottle. With all the sweating you will be doing by walking around campus all the time, you will need to stay hydrated.

Pain Killers

So many things in campus can give you headaches. The sun, assignments, relationships, your roommate, being broke and more so, the lecturer. Haha! I recommend that you drink water for this, but sometimes, pain killers in your back pack could be the ultimate solution. It can also be used for other pains like toothaches and period pain.

Tissue Paper

Your system might just decide that it wants to do a number after a lecture. What to do if you do not have tissue paper? Go all the way back to your hostel? Have at least a roll or few pieces for yourself to save yourself from that kid of trouble. Also, you can use tissue to clean up other things like a messy lunch stain your shirt.

Pads/Tampons for the ladies

You probably know this by now, but you definitely need to carry some tampons or pads with you. Even if you are pretty regular and can tell when your Ps is coming to visit, you should still carry some with you to help out your sistez who are less prepared.

Phone charger/Cable

We are constantly using our phones for different things. You do not want to miss out on snapping your favourite moments with your squad after class. If you always have a phone power cable and power bank like me, the better! Fit in in your backpack. You may never know when your phone will cry ‘battery low’ immediately your pals have called you for plot.

Umbrella, just in case!

You just never know! With such volatile weather, it can be sunny one minute and a torrential downpour the next. To protect yourself and your stuff from getting wet through, you should definitely pack an umbrella. Get one that’s relatively tiny when folded up to fit in you backpack.


What else should be in your backpack?



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