How to ensure you keep your 2020 Resolutions

Five steps to achieving new year goals.


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Eleven days have passed since the new decade started. Eleven days since we made silent promises, resolutions; of what we hoped we would accomplish this year. Some we made in our hearts, some we declared proudly to social media.

And now eleven days later, some of those resolutions seem like a nightmare, an enormous task that you just do not have the strength to start. So you continue with your 2019 old habits and say; it is too early. There’s still time. After all, January has yet ended.

But it is not too early. If you do not take the first step towards accomplishing your resolutions now, soon it will be February, then August, then December, then 2021; and just like that a new year would have passed without you having the growth you wanted this year. Your 2020 resolutions will bite the dust.

So here are five steps to ensure you keep those promises to yourself at the start of 2020;

  1. Write them down.

Resolutions are no use if they are in your head. Memory is a tricky thing, and most often than not, it fails us.

So jot down those promises on a piece of paper, or your phone or your computer.  And don’t just write them down, keep revising them after daily, or weekly or monthly; whatever suits you; keep revising and comparing just where you have reached; which progress you are making towards these goals.


  1. Have a witness.

A witness is important. Sure the biggest failure is when we let ourselves down, but sometimes we are too easy on ourselves.


We can easily forgive our own mistakes or forget our own set goal, but when we have a witness, a dear friend who has our best interests at heart reminding us each and every turn of our potential and what how we are not doing enough to reach that potential; there is no limit to just what we can accomplish in our 2020 resolutions.


  1. A task a day keeps failure away.

Do one thing, just one thing a day that will ensure you are living up to your promises. Did you promise you will eat healthier? Buy a fruit a day. Did you promise you will keep fit? Do a work-out a day, even if it’s just five jump jacks.  Did you promise to be a better writer? Write one paragraph a day.

This way, before realizing eat, the year will end with you happy that you achieved something. You will have successfully accomplished your 2020 resolutions.


  1. Have confidence in yourself.

Self-doubt is the worst enemy of success. It can ruin your very hopes, your very future. So no matter what your resolutions were; even if they were big and absurd and seem totally unachievable; believe in yourself that you can do it. You will be surprised just how much greatness you can reach with just a tiny bit of faith in yourself.



  1. Celebrate the little wins.

Trust me, this will keep you motivated. When you achieve that small win, treat yourself. Go buy yourself that expensive meal (not over your budget though), go shopping for some clothes, buy yourself wine; do something that will make your heartbeat; and then jump right back on the horse. Do nor over celebrate.



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