“Romance” , Camila Cabello’s new album


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Yesterday, December 6th 2019; Camila Cabello released her second album Romance through Epic Records and Syco Music. For her fans; like me here; this was a long awaited album, especially since some of the tracks that had been released prior (Seneorita, Shameless, Liar to mention but a few) were all pure fire.

The album follows the first album “Camila” that Camila Cabello had released back in 2018 in her post Fifth Harmony phase.

In Romance Camila gave us an album that makes you want to listen on those slow Saturday nights in a bathtub full of soap bubbles with a glass of red wine in your hand. But of course, I neither own a bathtub or have money to buy good red wine so for now I would settle with listening to it in my bed with cheap liquor by my bedside.

It’s a great album; with its opening number as Shameless. The song is a love story about a woman infatuated with a lover; and she confesses her feelings; or rather what she wishes she could do to him in her dreams. She is shameless with her love, and wants the lover to be equally as shameless. Wow Camila, how shameless indeed.

The other track in the album; the one that hit the waves is the famous Senorita. This one I fell in love with. Truly. I mean it was a song by my two favorite artists; Camila and Shawn Mendes. And then a short while after its release they announced they were dating; making the cutest celebrity couple of 2019.


Camila and Shawn looking cute as ever.

Okay back to the album. It has 14 tracks and apart from Shameless and Senorita the other tracks that did it for me are: Livin’ proof, Liar, Should’ve said it  The other nine were good but not that great.

Camila Cabello  is a three-time Grammy Award-nominated singer  and was recently been listed as one of the five most streamed female artists of 2019 among singers Billie Eilish, Halsey, Taylor Siwft and Arianna Grande.

To listen to the full album, you can just go to YouTube. It’s already uploaded there. Or you can buy it on Spotify or Apple Music if you are a rich kid.


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