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Does he have a girlfriend? Or the other way round? Do you like them enough to want them to be yours? Well, first off all, it is completely normal to be jealous of a certain relationship when you find yourself liking one party in it. The only abnormal thing would be to have malicious thoughts of hurting someone so as to take away their significant other (S/O). Here is how to make them want you and hopefully slice them away:

  1. Make them like you. The last thing you want to do is to scare away the person you like. Set an environment where both of you like each other so that it is easier for them to begin drifting away from their partner.
  2. Find out common habits. Once you two get to liking each other, you will realize that you share a lot. Take advantage of this. Do the activities you both love together and make them see that you get each other because of the things you have in common. They will start to feel as if it is meant to be (It is most probably meant to be if it beats what they share with their partners.)
  3. Let things flow. Give them a taste of what happy life would be like if they ever decide to leave their S/O for you. Remember that you should not force or threaten them to leave their partners for you. Confess your feelings and leave the last option for them to decide. Manipulate them with that “if you were mine” vibe; but remember to keep your promise once they leave their partners for you.
  4. Accidentally bump into them. If you want them, you will go to these extents. It is like a way to controlling fate. Make them realize that fate just keeps bringing you together. Pretend like your “surprised” meeting is a damn sign from heaven that you guys have to be together. In no time, almost all lunch and coffee dates will be yours.
  5. Finally, give them what their S/O cannot give them. Do not get me wrong. Don’t give it your all, otherwise, this person you are trying to vibe might also be using you. Keep in mind that humans are very funny characters and that we are users by nature.

If you happen to win them over, give the relationship your best.Treat them better than their former partner did. That’s the only price you will ever pay for stealing.


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