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Sarahah is an Arabic word that means honesty.

Evil has been lurking lately on social media. With over 300 million users already, Sarahah had become the go to application for abuse and random bullying. If you have not tried it yet, this new viral sensation is an application that allows you to send messages to people under the shard of absolute anonymity.

This is just everything wrong with our society. When you give people a mask, they will truly show their brutal ugly self. This app has been carefully made for the narcissistic people who think that the world revolves around them and the sadists who take pleasure in hurting people behind closed doors.

The brains behind this application is Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq who asserts that the purpose of the app is to send constructive feedback. However, going by the number of messages posted on social media about how the applications is being used to harass people, it has proved that some people work best behind closed doors and anonymity. It reveals how many cruel people society holds once they are given a mask to hide behind.

Whatever the application was built for, the users are the ones who will come on board and control it. The freedom is here anyway, so why not bully away? I mean, the most a victim user can do is block or use filters. How encouraging, right? And with the application having only 3 stuff members on top of not having regulations of controlling the harassment- honesty much, right?

This is everything that any evil person can wish for- propagating bullying and harassment. My fear is that of the teenagers who in the past have suffered in the hands of such applications; and the result? Suicide.

Thanks to Sarahah, there is room for ‘virtual’ honesty.




Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.


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