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For the past two years or so, the world has been going black. And last year marked the peak of it. Miss Universe was from Africa, Tyler Perry launched his studio, Eliud Kipchoge finished the 1.59 INEOS challenge, Beyoncé launched the Ivy Park; to mention only but a few.

It was a great year to be black, to witness all these black accomplishments and be proud as fuck to be black.

And this year, specifically yesterday, our hearts were filled with yet again that feeling that burns your heart and makes you feel like you could scream loud from the rooftops. Pride in our souls, pride in our hearts.

If you do not feel that feeling, perhaps you have not heard of the Great News. So let me be the shepherd that delivers this in a night with one bright star.

Our hearts burn with pride because of the music band that has always made us feel like kings and queens to be Kenyan. Our hearts burn with pride because of Sauti Sol.

The band that is pushing boundaries, and breaking them; the band that sings, and you just have to listen.

Why are we celebrating them?

Sauti Sol has managed to do what most African artists only dream of. A song they made with Sho Madjozi and Real Black Motion will be featured on A Netflix series. Wild right? That the lyrical tone of Kiswahili and Luhya (which are the main languages Sauti Sol uses in their songs) will be featured on NETFLIX.

It is simply magnificent.

And by now you are wondering why I keep rumbling on and have not yet provided the full details on what series the song will be featured on. I am sorry, but really, can’t you feel that excitement in the air?

No? Okay cool, here are your details then.

The series is called QUEEN SONO, a South-African based story of a spy. The first African series to be on NETFLIX. Click here for more details on QUEEN SONO.

How we heard of the news.

Sauti Sol took it to their Instagram page yesterday to tell us of Queen Sono, and their participation in the song which features Sho Madjozi, a South African artist famous mostly for her song “John Cena” which trended last year and is still trending; and Real Black Motion.

More good news.

And do you want to hear even more good news? Queen Sono premiered today on NETFLIX.


Honestly, I have no idea what you are still doing here, you should be going to look for it right now. I already have it, ready to watch it as soon as I finish my messenger role for today.

What about you? History is being made, don’t you want to witness it?


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